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Hello, I am Rohit currently based in Kolkata city.

I am just a stubborn kid from Madhubani, Bihar, who never gives up. I don't want to fit in because I believe that I am born to stand out. I aim to make a product that adds value to society and people. As a Tech guy, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 allow me to connect with people in real-time.

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I just do what I love to do.

After the age of 16, I always work on something that contributes value to society and people. In the beginning, I don’t have proper direction. After joining college, few people with the same mindset shows up and supports me in doing my work.

Welcome to my club

Zenova Esports (Founder)

Being a Gamer, I always want to create a free and unbiased community for gamers across the globe. With the help of Nikhil Aggarwal, this idea comes to be practical. Zenova Esports provides an opportunity to gamers (Mobile & PC) to showcase their skill and earn.

Django Backend Developer

I started my python-development career with Django. Because it gives wings to fly on with backend and web framework.

React Native Developer

I love to work on native platforms (Android & iOS). React native has given me that opportunity

Medium Writer

Sometimes I write on Medium too. Currently, nearly 15000 people read me monthly.

YouTube Content Creator

I believe that no one should pay for knowledge. So, in late 2021 I decided to make Youtube Videos.

My Expertise

I am good at reading people

I can handle extreme pressure situation

I write codes in Python, Javascript, and TypeScript

I love to work on Machine Learning projects, Web 3.0 apps, mobile apps, Backend work

I read books, sometimes sing, Play cricket, Hands-on E-games

My Future Vision

When my parents hear the term "E-Gaming". The first thing that comes to their mind is that it is going to ruin the future of my kids. I want to change this thinking.

I want to create such a platform for gaming where, When a relative comes to your house, Your parents should tell them that don't speak aloud because my child is playing an e-game.

I also believe that everyone has the right to get free education. In this fast-growing world, you don’t need any college degree to showcase your talent. So, I pledged to provide free tech-based information on my platform.

"Beginning Are Usually Scary, And Endings Are Usually Sad, But It's Everything In Between That Makes It All Worth Living"

Bob Marley

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